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was burning but no one was present. " I thought we'd have
the meeting in the library," the Senator was saying. " All
the men are here now but Captain Todd. He ought to come
driving up any minute. He's going to bring his boy over.
You know his boy, he's off at college in Virginia. I think
it's Virginia."

When they entered the library, the men there were stand-
ing around the wide fireplace, in which a log was blazing
and sputtering. Mr. Munn shook hands with each of them*
Then he took out his pipe and began to pack it.

"I reckon the Captainll be here any minute," Senator
Tolliver said, and walked over to look from one of the
windows that gave on the long slope at the front, It was
definitely snowing now, not heavily but steadily. A few
flakes clung to the base of the window-panes. " He's not in
sight yet," the Senator added, and then returned to the
group of men at the hearth. He stood there among them,
smiling easily, his hands thrust into the pockets of his coat
and his head thrown back a little. Over across the room
Mr. Sills and Mr. Burden stood, cut off from the rest of the
group. Mr. Burden leaned his heavy, dark, unkempt head
down toward Mr. Sills, who was talking earnestly and tapping
a pencil on a pad of paper which he held in his left hand.
Mr. Munn packed his pipe and lit it, and then looked at the
shelves of books around the room—lawbooks mostly, he
guessed, and history, for the Senator had the name of an
inveterate reader of history and could quote pages of
Macaulay and Gibbon when he wanted to—and at the big
table and the desk, and the great engravings on the wall.
Then, idly, he looked at the faces of the men around him,
Good men, he thought, even old Sills; good men. He rocked
a little on his heels, feeling the comfortable glow of the fire
on his back. He took long, deep pulls on his pipe. It was
a sweet pipe.

No one had noticed Captain Todd driving up the long
lane, and no one had heard the bell A negro man opened
tik library door, and there Captain Todd stood, nodding h^